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Did you know that hundreds of people Nationwide are literally throwing vital resources in the bin with out even realising it?

Welcome to the Empty Printer Cartridge Recycling Program. Here you will find a unique recycling scheme that will show you how to recycle your empty ink cartridges and do your bit for the environment. A recent survey showed that only 10% of empty printer cartridges are being recycled.

This obviously means that 90% of the empty printer cartridges in the UK are going into the waste bin and then dumped in our land fill sites.

Not only is this bad news for the environment but it is a massive waste of money and resources.

The good news is that we can show you a simple solution that can dramatically reduce the impact of sending empty printer cartridges to landfill sites.

Please take time to browse this page, here you will find out all you need to know about the Cartridge Recycling Program.

Recycle your empty Ink Cartridges!!

Most of the big cartridge manufacturers now operate a closed loop recycling service which means that they accept their own empty ink and toner cartridges back for total recycling. They operate a collection program that is global and it is usually free as long as you are recycling genuine products. Generally each manufacturer will only accept their own products back so you may need to contact and join more than one scheme if you are using various different brands.

The schemes that the OEM manufacturers operate are available to all, Corporate, SME's and home users too. Below you will find contact details on how to find the larger companies, if you cant see the company you are looking for then you would need to contact them direct to learn how they handle their recycling scheme.

OEM Recycling Schemes for Used Printer Cartridges 

HP Planet Partners Scheme For all HP Ink and Toner cartridges.

Epson Flexible Recycling Scheme For all Epson Ink and Toner cartridges.

Canon Recycling Scheme For all Canon Ink and Toner cartridges.

Brother Recycling Scheme For all Brother Ink and Toner cartridges.

These are the biggest companies, for other manufacturers just Google their name and cartridge recycling to find their respective schemes.


We recycle the cartridges you send us

Do empty cartridges still have a value?

The answer to this is yes, some empties do still have a value but unfortunately due to changes beyond our control Cartridge Express Recycling Ltd no longer buy empty cartridges. There are still companies that collect and pay them but because of the introduction of ink tanks the list of recyclables with a value is becoming shorter as time goes on. If you still wish to gain funds from your empties then look around the internet.

Recycling for Charity

We are very aware that many of our customers still wish to recycle to charity, if you do please contact where you can donate to one of the charities they currently support or you can nominate your own charity through them.

You will receive money for your cartridges

Recycle New Unused Printer Cartridges

If you have changed printers and have unused old cartridges left over Click the blue link in this text for more information on this subject.

             If You Want To Buy Toner Cartridges Click This Link

                  If You Want To Buy Ink Cartridges Click Here

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