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Did you know that hundreds of people Nationwide are literally throwing money in the bin with out even realising it?

Welcome to our Empty Printer Cartridge Recycling Program. Here you will find a unique recycling scheme that will show you how to earn money for your empty ink cartridges and do your bit for the environment all in one swoop. A recent survey showed that only 10% of empty printer cartridges are being recycled.

This obviously means that 90% of the empty printer cartridges in the UK are going into the waste bin and then dumped in our land fill sites.

Not only is this bad news for the environment but it is a massive waste of money. How much hard cash has literally been thrown in the bin? What a difference this cash could have made to your pocket, your budget or even a local charity had we recycled more?

The good news is that we have a simple solution that can dramatically reduce the impact of sending empty printer cartridges to landfill sites at the same time as making extra money, lets face it most budgets are stretched at the moment and we could all use that extra cash.

Please take time to browse this page, here you will find out all you need to know about our fast free Cartridge Recycling Program.

We want to buy your empty Ink Cartridges!!

We need loads of  Empty Ink Cartridges for our re-manufacturing process. Most people don't even realise that their empty cartridges are worth money and are just dumping them in the bin. If this is you then please STOP!, don't throw another ink cartridge in the bin until you have at least read this page... By using our FREEPOST system you can easily cash in your empty printer cartridges. So how does the FREEPOST System work?

  1.  Send us a quick email to tell us which Original Ink Cartridges you intend to send in for recycling. You can use our Contact Us page for  this.
  2.  We will then respond with a price for your empties and arrange to send you FREEPOST bags for you to send your empties back to us free of charge.
  3. You get PAID!! We usually send a cheque but we can also arrange a money off coupon that you can redeem against your next order.

We only pay for ‘Original’ ink cartridges (known as virgin). These are cartridges that have not been previously remanufactured or refilled before. Original printer cartridges will be clearly marked with the manufacturers logo and cartridge number etc.

Remanufactured or refilled cartridges (known as non virgin) generally have after market stickers or a label covering the original logo’s which make them easy to spot.

Look closely, by law remanufactures have to make it clear that the ink cartridge has been refilled or re-manufactured. If it has a brand name that is not widely recognised chances are it is not an original cartridge. We do not accept these under our scheme. 

Ink-tanks that do not have a print head or copper circuitry attached to the actual cartridge. These cartridges have a separate print-head, if you are unsure Contact Us

We recycle the cartridges you send us

All the recyclable printer cartridges that we collect have a value. The value of a ink cartridge depends on a few different things.

The age of the printer, the popularity of certain printers and consumer demand all help in dictating the recyclable value of ink cartridges. Prices for empty cartridges rise and fall just like any other commodity on the market, this makes it difficult to issue up to date price lists, this is why we ask you to send a list for up to date pricing.

We do our best to absorb the minor changes to enable us to give competitive prices, if you have a few Inkjet Cartridges to collect we can provide you with FREEPOST bags to make it simple and easy to send them in. If you have larger amounts please contact us to arrange a free courier collection at or call 0113 242 8935.

Please Contact Us to request as many as Freepost bags as you need, all we ask is that you make sure your bags are full before sending them in.

Please remember that we do not collect or pay for empty ink tanks. Ink-tanks are inkjet cartridges that do not have a printhead or copper circuitry attached to the actual cartridge.

Everyone and anyone can benefit from our printer cartridge recycling scheme, from corporate companies to home users. Already charities, schools, colleges, businesses and non profit making organisations are cashing in on empty cartridge recycling. Whether it’s a new football kit for the kids or simply saving up for life’s little extras our scheme can help you on your way.

You will receive money for your cartridges


If you are a low user of inkjets we can supply freepost bags to send your empty inkjet cartridges in via Royal Mail. simply email or call 0113 242 8935

Regional and National Collections If you are not in our local area we can still collect from you, the only difference is that we have to make sure that the cartridges you send us are originals with a recyclable value. Send us a list of what you have for collection and a member of our collection team will send you a price and arrange a free collection through our courier service. All you need to do is box them up and attach the label we provide. Too many to list? No problem, give us a call and we will work something out and advise you the best way forward.

We can also supply freepost bags or labels to send your empty inkjet cartridges in via Royal Mail. simply email or call 0113 242 8935

Home Users If you are a home user you are probably using inkjets, send us an email with your cartridge types and amounts and we will send you Freepost bags or labels so you can send them in via normal post

Payments for your empty printer cartridges Once we receive your consignment it is visually checked for damage. We try to turn things around as fast as we can and usually pay within 14 days although at busy spells it can sometimes be slightly longer. Payment is by cheque. BACS payments can be made by special arrangement. Please contact us if you are a company and request this service.

Recycle New Unused Printer Cartridges

If you have changed printers and have unused old cartridges left over Click the blue link in this text for more information on this subject.

             If You Want To Buy Toner Cartridges Click This Link

                  If You Want To Buy Ink Cartridges Click Here

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