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A Cosmetic Printer in a Kiosk

Women of the world rejoice! Well at least some will when Zen Jui’s Cosmo-Kiosk hits the streets. According to a leading women’s glossy magazine it takes an average of 15 minutes to apply a day to day make up and up to thirty five minutes to apply an evening or night out make up. That’s a lot of time and effort to achieve the perfect look, any women reading this will already know this and guys, how long have you had to wait for the lady in your life to put the final touches to their make up on a night out?

The introduction of Zen Jui’s Cosmo-kiosk cosmetic printer is about to make life a little easier for some of the girls out there. Zen Jui an innovator from Cryo-Mask, a Japan based Theatrical Cosmetics Company has created a kiosk where you can actually have your make up printed or air brushed directly onto your face in a matter of moments. It looks not too dissimilar to a photo booth you may see in any airport or train station but rather than just taking the usual photo for your passport or bus pass this clever kiosk takes hundreds of high resolution pictures of the users face, the user can then select many different combinations of make-up and colour tones, everything from the foundation to lip gloss is selectable resulting in an instant facial make over.

Zen explains, “The kiosk utilises a standard printer with adapted multi pass technology that you would see in any desk top printer, but we have hooked it up with specially coded software and this is where the magic lies. We have replaced the printer cartridges with a specially adapted cartridge that acts as a kind of spray head rather than a print head, it does not make contact with the skin but it hovers over the contours of the face. The multi angle HD cameras incorporated in the booth create a digital map of the users face and then direct the multi pass head where it needs to go”.

The Make Up printer obviously doesn’t use printer ink to create the makeover; it uses specially formulated products adapted from every day high street cosmetics. The printer is currently capable of printing 3 modes of make overs, there is daytime for lighter make overs, night time for evenings out and an enhanced make over with glitter etc for party time. The company is looking to work closely with market leading cosmetic companies to provide a user personal profile where customers can download their preferred brand of make-up product codes onto a USB dongle then upload it into the Cosmo Kiosk printer ensuring the customer receives the exact results each time they use the booth.

Lyn Yo, marketing director said “Our kiosk is aimed at the modern lady who is always on the go, using our kiosk means that they can quickly change from a day look to a disco look in a matter of moments with the finished look being exactly as the customer requires often better than they can apply themselves, the whole process only takes a few moments and all the user has to do is finalise the look with eye liner and mascara”.

The design of the booth is contemporary, the designers felt that a retro stylish look and feel to the outside of the Cosmo Kiosk would be more appealing to the stylish clientele they aim to attract. This is in concept mode at the moment but company has an optimistic outlook and are looking to secure funding for a huge public launch, firstly in Japan and then to be rolled out across the world, the Cosmo-Kiosk make printer is coming to a high street near you….remember where you heard it first!.

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