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Fuji Xerox Announces ‘Cartridge Free’ Printers

Fuji Xerox are constantly at the forefront of printer technology, and it seems that they have now made further strides in the industry. They have recently announced that they are going to be launching a complete range of business printers which are completely ‘cartridge-free’. This of course will ultimately cut down on waste from ink cartridges that aren’t recycled correctly.

The first printer in their range will be the ColorQube 8900 which is designed to use solid blocks of ink, something which has been dubbed by Fuji Xerox as ‘ColourQube’ technology. This nifty cube is nothing more than a small block which melts down slowly as the printing is going through the printing process. This is intended to cut down waste by up to 90% compared to laser printers. This makes it one of the most environmentally friendly printer cartridge technologies ever devised.

This ink has already achieved complete certification from the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM). This means that the ink has at least 30% bio-derived renewable material, which again further adds to the environmental benefits of this particular product.

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Each of the solid ink sticks that you are supplied with the printer have their own unique shape. This means that they will fit in the correct slot of the printer quickly and easily. In fact, there has never been a simpler way to install printer cartridges than this. It is simply a case of dropping them into place and you are ready to go.

These particular cartridges, which have a similar consistency to crayons are nothing new to Fuji Xerox. In fact, they have been in the product range in a number of formats since the mid-1990s. However this is the first time that this technology has been taken to the next level.

Despite the relative newness of this product, the ColorQube 8900 range is able to boast some pretty stunning print quality numbers. For example, they are able to produce 2400 FinePoint Print Resolution which is ideal for professionals. You are even able to adjust the colours that are outputted pretty easily from various options included the printer, and that goes a long way towards showing how far this technology has come along.

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At the time of writing this particular printer technology has generated a lot of interest from around the world, not only for the technology that it is able to boast but also down to the fact it can help save the environment by cutting down on the number of waste printer cartridges. Don’t expect this particular technology to be hitting standard consumer printers any time soon however. The printer currently retails for $5500, which means it is out of budget for all but the most successful companies. Think of this as more of an experiment for Fuji Xerox, if this particular technology takes off then it is highly likely it will take make its way into other printers, however think of that as being a long way off. For now, keep recycling those cartridges.

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