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Whilst digging through my usual list of daily emails this morning  I came across an email from one of our web team asking me to check out this infographic he had found on printer cartridges whilst browsing the web, without wishing to sound out of touch by asking what an infographic on printer cartridges actually is I opened the link. The truth is, I always try and look like I at least understand most of the conversation when our web guys talk to me but to be honest they might as well be speaking Mandarin Chinese half the time, simply because I just don’t get the jargon, once its translated into plain English I can deal with it which always leaves me asking myself” why didn’t you just say that in the first place?”.

Why is it that some people have to use jargon, it’s not just techie or web people but salesman do it too, nothing cheeses me of more than when  I get a pushy salesman on the phone trying to give me a ‘blue sky moment’ and advising me that I need to’ think out of the box’, usually ending with we’ll ‘touch base’ later and I’ll give you a’ heads up’ before we do….Grr, speak English man! Is it really that hard to just speak ENGLISH? I’m sure they do it on purpose, so the rest of us just don’t have a clue what they are wittering on about, probably so it’s easier to say OK! How much will it cost rather than even try to understand the waffle.

Anyway back to the infographic I was looking at, now this is one word of jargon that I understand because it actually makes sense; an infographic is simply that, information in a graphic form rather than text, simple! Usually it will cover a full subject or section of a subject giving you as much information as possible in visual form, it’s kind of like a story board all in one image or graphic. So there you have it, Infographic now explained in such a way that even I can understand it.

Modern Printing in the Home and for Business – An infographic by the team at

Modern Printing - A short Education of Ink Cartridges, Toner Cartridges and Printing

Modern Printing – A Short Education on Ink Cartridges, Toner Cartridges and Printing

The infographic above is on printer cartridges and as you can see it gives you a lot of information on  printing. As well as the history and back ground it takes you through the different types of printer technology, a section on genuine cartridges and also cheap printer cartridges. It also covers how to recycle ink cartridges and how we can lower our carbon foot print by printing economically and environmentally friendly.

A simple graphic or picture that gives you a real in-depth look at the whole subject from start to finish at a glance, brilliant idea don’t you think?….

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