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Inside The HP 950 Printer Cartridge

Our favourite cartridge company HP recently released their latest addition to their cartridge range: the HP 950. Used by a number of the newer office jet printers, the 950 is a relatively large cartridge compared to most of their previous ink products and is actually an ink tank (no inbuilt print-head) like the HP 363 or HP 88.

We wanted to open one up to see what amazing new technology HP have hidden away in their latest vessel of pricey liquid. So we grabbed a hammer, chisel, an empty 950 starter cartridge and broke the thing open.

The first thing you notice is how much space is not used within the ink tank, most of the plastic seems to be there just to make the cartridge fit into the printer, but in all honesty it seems like a bit of a waste. As you can see in the image below there is the main compartment with the ink bag inside it, the rest is empty.

Inside The HP 950 Printer Cartridge

We took out the weird metal thing (that’s the official technical term by the way) you can see below, which appears to press against the bag, compressing it as it drains to get every last drop on to the paper. It seems to work well as there was very little ink residue left in the bag.

Inside The HP 950 Ink Cartridge

Next we removed the clear plastic bag that contains the ink as seen below on the left side of the image. There’s not much to say about it really… it’s a bag… that holds ink.

Inside The HP 950 Cartridge

There’s not much to say about the insides of the 950 in general really, it’s a very basic ink tank that does it’s job of holding the ink at a reasonable price. The fact that it does seem to have a bit of excess plastic is the only down side, and with a page yield of around 1000 (2000+ if you get the XL version) it’s surprisingly good value for money.

So the HP 950… it has no super technology hidden away inside, it’s just a bag with ink in it.

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