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Printer cartridges have been in the news a lot lately but for all the wrong reasons. The last few months has seen some quite interesting stories unfold involving cartridges or ink. We have seen stories on counterfeit products, stolen ink cartridges and ink leaking into products what you just wouldn’t expect to see. Read our small compilation below:

Eye drops recalled as printer ink is found inside the containers

One of the top eye care companies in the world has been forced to recall thousands of boxes of prescription eye drops due to the solution being contaminated by printer ink. USA based company Bausch and Lomb, who is also behind the sunglasses brand Ray-Ban has confirmed that “black particles” had been found in their product but the problem is isolated and limited to the proxymetacaine 0.5 % Minimis eye drops prescription only products.

The recall was issued after the manufacturing blunder was realised, Bausch and Lomb spokes-person quoted” Initial investigations suggest that the foreign particle contaminant is printing ink and we understand that toxicity is low, no other batches of this or any other of our products have been affected”.

No adverse reactions have yet been reported but experts advise if you are in possession of this product to take back to the chemist or point of purchase.

Employee steals $375,000 worth of Printer Cartridges.

An employee from US based company Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson has been accused  of over ordering printer consumables on the company’s account but then rather than the using them in the company printers the rogue employee hatched a scam that involved him selling the toner cartridges off cheap and pocketing the cash. Employee Adrian Rodriguez of Manhattan has been charged with making an illegal business out of stealing printer cartridges, he had worked for the company for over a decade. The investigation is on- going according to The Wall Street Journal.

This kind of theft is not unusual in large companies; the same prosecutor who is investigating this case was party to the recent conviction of a cancer care hospital employee who ran a similar scam. Marque Gumbs fleeced the hospital by over ordering consumables to finance a life of luxury; he managed to fleece the hospital out of over $1.5 million worth of toners before the scam was uncovered by accountants. He is currently serving 7 ½ years in prison and has had all his assets and seized and forfeited.

Another story using a similar scam has also been in the news recently. A Philadelphia based Water Department worker ran a similar cartridge scam for 6 whole years. It is reported and alleged that Calvin Duncan, the employee of the water company ordered consumables and then sold them off cheaply to Arkansas based company Laser Cartridge Plus.  The owners of Laser Cartridge Plus, Derek and Danita Willis have been implicated in the fraud and although not proven yet are believed by the prosecutor’s to be in on the scam. The case continues but there are very serious implications should either of the defendants be convicted as charged, if found to be guilty employee Calvin Duncan will face a minimum of 100 years imprisonment with a fine up to $1.25 million USD and both Derek and Danita Willis face a maximum sentence of 120 years and 110 years respectively and a combined fines totalling over $3 million USD.

US man uses modified cartridges and scanners to create millions of fake dollar bills in family enterprise.

Thirty six year old Heath Kellogg was arrested in Atlanta, USA last November after months of detective work by US Federal agents. By using image scanners, printers and specially modified printer cartridges Kellogg was able to produce very high quality counterfeit $50 bills. He was arrested at his home along with members of his family, during the raid law enforcement agents discovered brand new offset printer presses as well as computer equipment used in the crime, they also found piles of partly burned fake money in an unsuccessful attempt by members of Kellogg’s family and accomplices to destroy evidence.

Police and prosecutors estimate that the scam was able to produce in excess of $1.1 million dollars and integrate it into the US economy. Six people were arrested but all have pleaded not guilty, the case continues but judging by the stories above Kellogg and his accomplices will be looking at spending a very long time behind bars if they are convicted.

The above is just a small compilation of stories in the news relating to printer cartridges. We will be monitoring the cases above that are on-going and we will update this post as and when further information is released.

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