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Toilet Paper Printer

The video you are about to see is a prototype for new technology that is about to be released across the globe and revolutionise the way you do a number two, top Euro scientists with not much better to do are trying to come up with a toilet roll printer that will print live news streamed via WiFi directly onto your loo roll, taking a visit to the loo will soon be a more enjoyable experience, keep up to date with the latest world conflicts, stock exchange news or gossip from the stars all from the comfort of your very own pot, no more hassle taking old newspaper to the recycle centre, once you’ve finished reading just wipe and dump….simple but brilliant. Want to buy one? Log on to today.

NO its not real…just a bit of fun but I am constantly amused by some of the whacky things people do with their desk top printer, we have found another odd ball member of society with too much time on his hands, why buy expensive paper when you can utilise loo roll instead. The creator of this video, Wolfgang Bechtold wanted to print a panoramic photo but couldn’t lay his hands on wide enough photo-paper. You must admit though that it it’s quite a clever thought but it will probably damage the printer cartridges. If anyone out there wants to bring my spoof idea to life, contact me and we’ll change the toilet world forever…….

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