Sell Your Ink Toners

Cartridge Express are one of Europe’s biggest purchaser of excess/unwanted/out of date/damaged consumables. We will buy any amount of original toners.

We know that 65% of all offices in the UK have surplus printer cartridges hanging around their stockroom.

Many companies change their printers and have left over unused ink cartridges and toner cartridges. Usually suppliers will not buy them back or give you credit for them, meaning that the surplus printer cartridges you have usually end up being pushed to the back of the storeroom to eventually go out of date, rendering them useless. Don’t just leave them in the storeroom; turn them back into cash! for you, your company or a charity of your choice. We buy surplus original cartridges from many companies around the country; even if they are out of date they may still have a value.

At Cartridge Express we arrange and pay for all the shipping, so it really is an easy way to get money back for the cartridges you wouldn’t use otherwise.

We buy most original brands of Surplus Toner cartridges and Surplus Ink cartridges in various grades from perfect A grade to C grade, almost any condition is considered.

We try to make our unused printer cartridges program as simple and stress free as possible, our experience has taught us that sometimes customers are not always sure what cartridges they have and what grade they are, so to avoid any issues we have created a guide to grading your Surplus Ink Cartridges and Surplus Toner cartridges.

Before you send you list have a quick look at our guide on How To Grade Your Cartridges >>

Once you have graded your surplus printer cartridges all you need to do is send an email and we will reply with a quote as soon as possible, we aim to get an offer to you within 24 hours but it can sometimes take longer so please bear with us. Once we have agreed on price we will then arrange a courier, don’t worry about the cost, all our collections are totally free.

Click here to sell your surplus ink and toner cartridges